E-Mozzo Int Ladies Eclips Black Matt DB7

The Cortina E-Mozzo is a stylish e-bike with seven gears, Shimano Steps motor and hydraulic disc brakes. An elegant e-bike with organic shapes in the frame. The suspension fork, 504Wh battery and adjustable handlebars offer a lot of comfort, range and driving pleasure. Do you want more power? The Cortina E-Mozzo is also available in a pro version.

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E-Mozzo Int Ladies Eclips Black Matt DB7

E-Mozzo Int Ladies Eclips Black Matt DB7

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Product description
Bike Specifications

Bike Specifications

  • Engine Type: Shimano Steps E-5000 mid-motor
  • Number of Gears: 7
  • Brake Type: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Brake System: Double handbrake
  • Battery Location: Integrated into frame
  • Lock Type: Abus Amparo 4650 R ART**
  • Saddle: Selle Royal Essenza Moderate
  • Stem: Adjustable
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Wheel Size: 28 inches
  • Standard Battery Weight: 2.6 kg
  • Luggage Carrier: Behind
  • Drive: Chain
  • Carrying Capacity: 120 kg
  • Engine Position: Middle
  • Front Fork: Springy
  • Battery Choice Option: No
  • Motor Power: 40 Nm
  • Engine Power: 250 W
  • Electrical System: Shimano Steps 36v

For you, the bicycle is indispensable in all your daily rides to work, as well as in your leisure time. The versatile and sporty Cortina E-Mozzo is made as comfortable as possible, because you use the bike for different purposes. The suspension fork, adjustable handlebars and special wider e-bike tires ensure optimal comfort. The belt drive on the Cortina E-Mozzo Pro ensures a smooth cycling experience. With its elegant design and battery integrated into the frame, the Cortina E-Mozzo is a stylish e-bike that is ideal for all your commuting needs. Do you want to go out during your leisure time and make nice long trips? The powerful Shimano Steps E6100 motor on the Cortina E-Mozzo Pro gives you extra support during long distances and climbs.

Comfortable and sporty

The integrated suspension fork in the Cortina E-Mozzo is a comfortable addition to the stylish design. Bumps on the road surface are smoothly damped. In addition, the Cortina E-Mozzo has an adjustable stem, with which you can easily set the desired steering position. Go for sporty or comfortable, just the way you like it.

Controlled and powerful braking

Safe cycling is your top priority. You want to be able to brake quickly and safely without worry. The hydraulic disc brakes on the Cortina E-Mozzo offer good control and plenty of braking power. Braking power is hardly affected by the (weather) conditions.

Equipped with Shimano technology

The Cortina E-Mozzo is equipped with a Shimano Steps E5000 motor. This light and quiet middle motor gives you good support for your daily rides. Do you want a little more power? Then choose the E-Mozzo Pro with E6100 middle motor. The E6100 is ideal when cycling long distances and through hilly areas. The placement of the motor in the center of the frame and the battery in the down tube ensures a nice stable riding experience for both bike models.

On the road with extra power

If you like long rides or cycling through hilly areas, some extra power would be nice. This is why Cortina has developed a pro version of the E-Mozzo. This model with Shimano Steps E6100 system offers a smoother, more efficient and natural riding sensation wherever you cycle. In addition, the Cortina E-Mozzo Pro features a gates belt drive. This low-maintenance belt drive provides even smoother and faster travel. Ideal for the extra miles during a rural bike tour or in the mountains.

Shimano Steps E5000

The Shimano E5000 motor on the Cortina E-Mozzo is a light (2.5 kg) and quiet motor. With a torque of 40 Nm, the motor is particularly suitable for urban use and travel in close proximity. The system offers the possibility to choose between three types of support. With Comfort you experience natural and economical support. Sportive is a bit more powerful, with higher torque for acceleration and climbing. With Custom mode, you set the software exactly how you want it. This virtually silent motor provides a smooth yet powerful, natural cycling experience that feels light and easy.

Shimano Steps E6100

The Shimano Steps E6100 motor on the Cortina E-Mozzo Pro gives just that extra support you need for your challenging ride. Experience a natural cycling sensation through the combination of a pedal force sensor and rotation sensor. The quiet but powerful motor lets you enjoy the sounds of the city or the birds singing in nature. With a torque of 60 Nm, this powerful motor is ideally suited for longer distances, hills and mountains. This system also offers the possibility to choose between three types of support: Eco, Normal and High.

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