Batavus Altura E-go Power Sport BES3 Low Entry Light Grey

Comfortable and stylish on the road. The Altura E-go Power Sport Smart is equipped with a Bosch Active Line middle motor with Bosch Smart System. This allows you to handle any ride. This electric bike combines the looks of a city bike with the convenience of an electric bike. For short rides through town or long tours where navigation is needed. Whatever ride you take, with the Altura Ego Power you will enjoy it just that little bit more.

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Batavus Altura E-go Power Sport BES3 Low Entry Light Grey

Batavus Altura E-go Power Sport BES3 Low Entry Light Grey

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Free Delivery on orders over $1000
Free Delivery on orders over $1000

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Product description
Bike Specifications

Bike Specifications

  • Frame Sizes: 51, 56, 61
  • Colors: Light gray
  • Battery Capacity: 500 Wh
  • Battery Location: In frame, removable
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Battery Removable: Yes
  • Engine Location: Middle
  • Engine Brand: Bosch
  • Engine Type: Performance Line
  • Motor Capacity (Nm): 75
  • Brand Display: Intuvia
  • Display Removable: Yes
  • Pedal Assistance Quantity: 4
  • Pedal Assistance with Walk Assist: Yes
  • Front Light: Hermans
  • Tail Light: Batavus Brake Light
  • Number of Gears: 10
  • Gear Location: Derailleur
  • Weight in kg (approx.): 27.65
  • Gear Type: Cues
  • Front Brake Type: Hydraulic disc brake
  • Rear Brake Type: Hydraulic disc brake
  • Stem Type: Adjustable with tools
  • Saddle Brand: Selle Royal
  • Seatpost: Fixed
  • Luggage Carrier: MIK
  • Type Front Fork: Springy
  • Key Lock: ABUS frame lock suitable for plug-in cable
  • Standard: Single leg standard


Make your e-bike smart with the latest Bosch BES3 technology

With the Bosch Smart System, your e-bike is ready for a digital riding experience. Activate the Bosch eBike Flow app with your e-bike and download the features that suit your needs. Via Bluetooth, you easily install updates to keep the app up-to-date and expand with future features. The eBike Flow app contains many convenient, secure functions:

  • Unlock motor support via your smartphone
  • View ride data at a glance while cycling
  • Plan your routes and get reliable navigation
  • Pair the eBike Flow app with your Komoot or Strava apps and track your mileage

Equipped with the latest Bosch BES3 technology

The powerful mid-motor with a whopping 75Nm makes it easy to cycle up all hills. The large, wireless Intuvia display is removable and shows you the necessary information in all weather conditions. Navigate easily to your destination via the navigation function in the Bosch Flow app.

This is because via Bluetooth you connect your smartphone wirelessly to the display on your handlebars. Adapt easily to changing (riding) conditions with the derailleur gears. Lots of cycling fun!

Experience the powerful Bosch mid motor

Experience the power of the quiet Bosch mid motor and effortlessly whizz through the city. Cycle full of energy into new adventures. This engine gives you the ultimate cycling experience, full of power and adventure!

Smart Bosch Intuvia display

The Bosch Intuvia display takes cycling to the next level with its advanced and intuitive functions. Easily read your speed, distance and battery status from the display. Connect it to your smartphone and take your cycling experience to the next level. Stay in full control while cycling without having to take out your phone. Very safe!

Fully integrated battery in the frame

Discover the advantages of a fully integrated battery in the frame of your e-bike. Enjoy stylish looks and improved balance for a smooth ride. The battery is well protected from weather conditions and potential damage, and the risk of theft is reduced because the battery is less visible. Go on your adventure with confidence!

Batavus Brake Light

The Altura has Batavus Brake Light. Brake light shows behind oncoming traffic that you are braking. Just like a car. This allows you to always brake with confidence. Even in unexpected stopped traffic.

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