Batavus Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus BES3 Men's Gloss Green

batavus gaat verder dan 'gewone' verlichting. Daarom is de Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus Smart uitgerust met het slimme Vizi-verlichting (altijd aan) en V-Light en Remlicht voor achteropkomend verkeer.

  • Extra zichtbaar onderweg met V-Light
  • Fiets vol vertrouwen met Batavus Remlicht
  • Accu in het frame voor een elegante uitstraling
  • Onderhoudsarme riemaandrijving
  • Klik fietsaccessoires op de achterdrager met het MIK HD-systeem
  • Optioneel uit te breiden met de GPS module van Bosch Smart Systeem voor functies als Track and Trace, Bikeparking, Back to Home navigatie en alarmfunctie
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Batavus Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus BES3 Men's Gloss Green

Batavus Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus BES3 Men's Gloss Green

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Free Delivery on orders over $900
Free Delivery on orders over $900

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Product description
Bike Specifications
  • Frame Sizes: 48cm, 53cm, 57cm, 61cm
  • Colors: Dark Turquoise, Jeans Blue matt, Black gloss
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Front Light: Batavus Aerline with standlight
  • Rear Light: Batavus Aerline with standlight
  • Dynamo: Hub Dynamo
  • Number of Gears: 7
  • Gear Type: Nexus Hub Gear
  • Front Brake Type: Rollerbrake
  • Rear Brake Type: Rollerbrake
  • Handlebar Stem: Adjustable with tools
  • Handlebar Grips: Hemans - 120/90mm
  • Saddle: Selle Royal
  • Seatpost: Fixed
  • Front Carrier: No
  • Luggage Carrier: Aluminum, MIK compatible up to 25kg
  • Front Fork: Fixed, aluminum
  • Lock: AXA Solid Plus - RLC insert option
  • Kickstand: Single-leg

The ultimate comfort e-bike

The Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus BES3  with Enviolo stepless support is the ultimate comfort bike with a Bosch battery stylishly incorporated into the frame. This e-bike has everything you are looking for: perfect handling, high-quality finish, seamless design and the Bosch Smart System with navigation.

Batavus goes further than 'normal' lighting. That is why the Finez E-go Power Exclusive Plus BES3 is equipped with the smart Vizi lighting (always on) and V-Light and Brake Light for following traffic.

Make your e-bike smart with the latest Bosch BES3 technology

With the Bosch Smart System, your e-bike is ready for a digital riding experience. Activate the Bosch eBike Flow app with your e-bike and download the functions that suit your needs. You can easily install updates via Bluetooth so that the app remains up-to-date and is expanded with future functions. The eBike Flow app contains many useful, secure features:

  • Unlock the motor support via your smartphone
  • View riding data at a glance while cycling
  • Plan your routes and navigate reliably
  • Connect the eBike Flow app with your Komoot or Strava apps and keep track of your kilometers
  • Paid option Flow+: extra theft protection through, among other things, alarm function and tracking function

Benefits of Bosch Kiox Display

Read all important information on the color display of the Bosch Kiox. You can operate this display intuitively via the control unit on the handlebars and it is protected against splashing water and dust.

  • Easily view your driving data about distance, travel time, range, speed, time and driving mode
  • Plan routes and navigate reliably
  • Track your tour and fitness data and be motivated by the graphical comparison of power and cadence
  • Receive gear shifting advice so that you always cycle in the right gear
  • View your braking performance and improve your braking behavior
  • Connect to the eBike Flow app on your smartphone for more features

Well-thought-out design down to the last detail

From the frame to the handlebars and the saddle. Every part of your Finez bicycle has been designed with care and attention. The battery is nicely concealed in the frame by an aluminum cover.

Stepless switching with Enviolo City

Make your cycling experience even smoother with Enviolo City. Smoothly adjust the bike's resistance and speed without any obvious transition between gears. Whether you're cycling uphill, riding on a flat road or wanting to speed up for a sprint: you'll find the right resistance smoothly and quickly with Enviolo. Maintenance-free and virtually silent; This way you can enjoy your bike ride even more!

Equipped with a maintenance-free belt drive

This belt drive lasts three times as long as a regular chain. But that is not everything. You also no longer have to worry about dirt or grease on your pants and the belt drive is quieter.

Extra visible and safe on the road

This e-bike is equipped with smart Vizi lighting, V-light and brake light . Vizi lighting automatically provides 'high beam' in dark weather and in the evening. The light also always stays on. V-light emits a red light behind you in the shape of a V, which can be seen on the ground just behind you. Brake light shows traffic behind you that you are braking. As soon as you use your brakes while cycling and therefore slow down, the red brake light turns on briefly. This way you always brake with peace of mind.

Your smartphone as a display

Easily turn your smartphone into a display and attach it to your handlebars with the Bosch smartphone grip. You can use this instead of the Kiox display. While your smartphone is charged wirelessly via the SmartphoneGrip, the eBike Flow app reliably navigates you to your destination. This shows you all the important riding data, from the speed to the charge level of the eBike battery and the arrival time. 

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